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Happy Birthday, big brother! 🙂

What a day!

Happy birthday to Mom!! And Happy Birth Day to little Silas!

You are both very much in our hearts today. Much love.

It was nice to see most everyone for at least a bit! We missed the Poortengas so very much! Thank you all for working out schedules to get together and Mom & Dad for making Christmas time so cheery for so many in their home. Here are several, but in reality just a few, of the many, many photos I took this past week. Mom, I will try to also put them on your slideshow soon sorry I didn’t do a picture dump on your computer while I was there.


My littlest girl turned 6 months just recently. We’ll see how I do writing a Post because I’m writing this on my phone as my computer died and too much phone use makes my eyes fry.

At this point in her life, Noel can: rock on her hands and knees; Scoot on her belly; roll over; suck on her toes; laugh at her brother and sister; slobber like crazy; and bawl loudly :p. Looking over this list it sounds like I’m listing my pet dogs achievements! But no, she is my sweet littlest girl, although I’m afraid she keeps much if her sweetness just for us as she’s rather shy of strangers.

A Somewhat recent humorous story mainly copied from a text I sent Kevin after it happened:

(Sienna has gotten into a phase of taking off her clothes) This morning I went to get Sienna up and found she had stripped herself naked, thrown everything including stuffed animals overboard and wet her mattress. I cleaned it up, showered/dressed Sienna and then left Noel laying upstairs on the carpet surrounded by toys and Sienna nearby. I went downstairs to turn on Christmas music. Judah bumped his head, I comfort him. Sienna wandered downstairs. 5 minutes later I go upstairs to the sight of Noel lying on her tummy completely naked with her diaper and pajamas on the floor nearby!! It takes me a minute to realize Sienna had somehow taken off all of Noel’s clothes with zippers and everything and her diaper! Of course poor Noel had also peed the carpet!

kevin & I began reading the chronicles of narnia a while ago. One afternoon while we were reading and Sienna was napping, judah sat down and listened. He was riveted! Since then we’ve gone through Prince Caspian and are now started on Voyage ofthe Dawn Treader. Judah’s continues to listen although his attention sometimes drifts. We are surprised and encouraged to see his interest though!



Happy 5 years to a little girl who makes us all smile!

Yesterday, Kevin & I were having a conversation about the various diets in our family. Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.

Kevin announced,” I’m on the see-food diet.”
“The seafood diet?”
“Yes. I see food — I eat it!”


Judah drawings

Some of Judah’s recent drawings. And Judah with his countdown-to-Grandma’s-house-chart.

Mom & Dad Man carrying wood Kite Family 001 Jesus dying on the cross002 003 004  House at Sunset  photo (2)

Wow, Kevin & Jessica you guys are so good at moving in quickly! Glad to hear you like the place and things are shaping up well. Post some pictures! It must feel good to be back in a familiar area 🙂

We took our little herd of cows out to Chick-fil-A the other day and got some free food. Here’s some pictures (for Mom :). To really do it right I should have decorated Judah & Sienna with cow ears and noses, but cow-spots was the best I could do 🙂 The kids got chocolate milk to drink, and you should have seen Sienna’s eyes light up when she tasted it! (She’s never had chocolate milk before)

.IMG_2337 IMG_2334IMG_7293 IMG_7291

Last week I attempted to take some nice pictures of all three of our kids, but it’s very hard to get everyone still and smiling.

IMG_2128 IMG_2139IMG_2125IMG_2137

Happy Anniversary, Isaac & Hannah! Sounds like a really nice time in Williamsburg and with Hannah’s family. And welcome back, Luke & Liesl! Looking forward to seeing you both and everyone else in a couple weeks. Nice to hear a little of everyone’s summer adventures. The Harrisburg Hakes enjoying each other, wild creatures ;), and reading, etc. Kevin & Jessica, I hope you guys are able to settle in well to your new home! Sorry to hear of all the work you had to put in on it already, but glad you two could get that done together while your kids were enjoying time up North! My Kevin flies out this Tuesday and Wednesday to go to his Grandma’s funeral in Ohio. She passed away last Wednesday. She was a very sweet, lovely woman. I will always remember her smile and how joyful and loving she seemed to be, all the time. We named Sienna after her: Sienna Evelyn (Evelyn Domhoff). We are grateful that we got to see her last summer (right after Isaac & Hannah’s wedding) when she was in relatively good health.

Heading to bed with little Noel, and I imagine right about this time Mom & dad are on their way home from BWI. It was a sad yet sweet parting with them after their week-long visit. Judah wanted to know how many days it was until we go to see Grandma at the family reunion – “This many days, Mama?” Holding up 3 fingers, and then after I told him it was more, he asked disbelievingly,”this many?” with all 10 fingers displayed :(. So we are counting down to that next visit, and seeing you all. Judah has already packed the monkey-backpack Mom gave him, which is his new favorite possession. Thinking back, there are lots of special moments from Mom & dad’s visit. Like how almost every day Mom & Dad went on a long 40+ minute walk, and often took Judah & Sienna with them. This morning it was so sweet to see little Sienna come strollering back with them looking so content with her sleepy morning eyes, a bottle of milk held tightly in one hand, and already dressed for the day with a little white dress on that Mom had put on her. Elsie & Elaina spent a lot of time playing with and looking after Judah & Sienna, and it was touching to see Elaina especially the last day or so playing make-believe with Judah fighting monsters or playing in his play-fort, things he always wants me to do with him and I don’t often. Besides playing with our kids, Dad & Mom did so many dishes, and Mom washed and folded loads of laundry and cooked and froze meals for us. Little Noel was held a lot and rocked and tended to whenever she cried. It was quite luxurious having my meals made, dishes done, and loving care for my children so I could use prayer this coming week as things settle back into real life and a new experience with three children and Kevin at work.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and everyone in our little family is napping except me. Noel has been up more the past two nights so I would like a nap as well but wanted to finish this post. Noel is 2 weeks old today 🙂

I know I’ve been overloading on the blog lately, but here is just one more from the other day. I get a kick out of this video I took of Judah & Sienna listening to their music and singing along. It’s pretty cute, I think :). (You have to watch a few seconds in before things really kick off 😉 They often listen to this cd, as you can probably tell, and Sienna tries to sing along and does pretty well! “Awive!! Awive!!” 🙂 Also, we are excited to see “Grandma & grandpa Hake” and Elsie & Elaina in just a few hours now.