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Thinking of starting a Hake Family Book Review Blog…

There are so many books I am excited about and would love to share with you all. And, I really love to hear of the ones you all are enjoying and growing through reading.

I’d also love to provide a venue for all the little readers among us, an ever growing number,  to share their experiences with books, and have a place to “publish” their reviews and share their writing skills and fun ideas, and to cross pollinate one another’s reading buds.

I’m not sure whether to start a blog to do this, just a quiet hidden one private for extended family, or to make it a page on a , Lord Willing, soon to come into existence, family-discipleship-helps web site. That would not be quite as comfy and safe of a family harbor as a private family blog… but might have the potential of blessing others too…   Plenty of time to think it all over! 🙂

Meanwhile, here are Elsie and Elaina’s book reports from their English assignment today. They wanted to share them with you all.

The Princes and Curdie  Elsie


The Borrowers Elaina

THe Borrowers -2 Elaina

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

SO thankful for you and love you so much!

Happy Birthday to my one-quarter-of-a-century old son!

What a glorious gift you were and are, Isaac! I am filled with thankfulness for the gift of you!
Have a wonderful day!

Lots of prayers for you and Hannah and “Mrs Franklin” today.

Hope you had a can of warm tau-leng this morning for breakfast. 🙂

Full Hearts- God with us and God Around the Globe

Thanks for the lovely photos, Becky. I did put some of them up onto the living room frame. SO nice to have memories of Christmas together.

Thanks for your update, Katie. It was SO good to hear you sounding well again. His mercies are incredible. I too am awaiting the joys of seeing your new little boy! Will call you today if I can.

So good to hear about your good time together GA Hakes and Poortengas. So glad.

Luke arrived safely in Puerto Cabezas yesterday late afternoon. Our phones have not been working so we couldn’t talk with him. That was a very terrible feeling – but I got an email from him about his safe arrival and hope to talk today, Lord willing. HE managed to carry six dulcimers among all the many other things he needed to bring and wanted to bring to the kids there. The airlines would not allow the extra violin he tried to carry on and he had to leave it with LIesl and Dad . WE will be trying to find a missions team traveling down from this area that would be willing to carry the violin and ll the other dulcimers that did not fit. You might pray that that works out smoothly and soon. Thanks.

Wade and Jo also safely arrived in Addis Ababa on Monday and have met their precious Israel. It is very challenging time and they stand in need of lots of prayer over the coming weeks! The court case is tomorrow and Israel will begin to live with them there for the next four weeks starting Friday. Jo got altitude sickness on the plane, and they need prayer for health, particularly digestive, and also ask prayer for the wisdom and insight into how to meet Israel’s needs at this very difficult confusing time for all three of them. Pray like crazy for them. My heart bursts.



We are struggling here. Hard to say goodbye to Luke for six months after being spoiled by his presence these recent 4-5 years of his college at PHC  being in our home so wonderfully much. We will miss him terribly. Hard to release him to the challenges, pains, sorrows, illnesses, times of darkness and loneliness that are an inevitable part of what he faces there. Thank you Jesus, for bearing all the darkness for us on the cross…

Liesl will be with us just a few more days, until Sunday. That’s a joy! 🙂

We (maybe mostly me)  are (am)  pretty worn down after all our wonderful excitement and weeks of joyful company and then our trip up north to be with Grandma and family there. We returned Saturday to WV and then had 30 people for dinner on Sunday night and a lovely good-bye prayer time end foo evening for Luke. I got sick Sunday but didn’t really know it until Monday when I had chills and fever. We canceled our first Tuesday classes. Not sure what’s going on. i HOPE HOPE and Pray that Luke does not carry anything form us down with him to start out his time in Port. Liesl felt quite ill last night – chills and nausea and stomach pains and broke out into terrible full body hives – She was bright  red, ALL OVER, with welts and AWFUL itching! SO Sad and hard. The rash seems to be getting better, not continuing to get worse anyway, this morning and she does not have a fever… Pray that she is fully recovered before she has to return to Grove City!

Liesl did so well her first semester at Grove City! SO thankful and so blessed.

I would give an update on my health – but I don’t want to attempt it. It is  an extremely tangled hopelessly knotted up wad of fishing line with no way to unravel. Even if it could be figured out – I am struggling — vacillating between feeling as though I must somehow figure it out and figure out what should be done, and on the other extreme side, feeling strongly that I must absolutely forbid myself from thinking of it all in any way and put it as far out of mind as pain allows it to be kept.  Sorry. Please pray for me to live wisely in the light and knowledge of the sure goodness of God and His very obvious kindness and love. He is a wonder of love and goodness. I am grasping at what living that way means for me in this. By His grace I will grow.

Dad had a very interesting discussion with Oz Guinness in a bar in DC the other evening and is left with a lot of decisions he is grappling with. Exciting but confusing too.

Deeply thankful for God’s goodness to us all and so thankful for each of you. I could pop.

Might you all please check email and respond to a question there?

Thanks so much!

I’m already in love with her!

So thankful. So excited.  God is so good. I just can’t WAIT to hold her!!!!  Thank you for posting her little photos. 🙂


A PHC Video News clip

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Hope you were blessed with a wonderful day.

Jessica and Hannah Thank you so much for these posts. I really enjoyed them both! God is so good.

Daring to head out for Oak Island

We are packing our van and the Poortenga’s van  to head down to Oak Island – Dad is sure it will be therapeutic for me and I am trusting he’s right. Kids are super happy. 🙂 Can’t wait to see Jesse, Elizabeth, Tobin, Nessa, Isaac and Hannah down there. We will be thinking of the rest of you so much, Kevin and Jess and Sadie and Orlando, Becky and Radman, little Judah and Sienna, and you, Liesl. Reach us by Luke, Dad, my, or Katie’s cell phones. If all goes well and I can do this we will probably stay until Monday, May 19.