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Not exacklee a quiet week at Lake Wobegone (!!!) …

Wonderful to have seen you all and spent that time together–thank you all!

After Joel and Katie and Kevin and Becky pulled away yesterday afternoon, we kind of went into a vegetative state (often happens). We listened to a bunch of chapters of the book Isaac introduced us to (the first volume of a trilogy, simply called Black, space, science fiction, fantasy, Christian, New York Times bestseller–we are enjoying it). We want to finish at least volume one before Isaac and Luke leave. Last night we got back a bit of energy and put Elsie and Elaina’s room back together and actually bathed them. 🙁 !!!

We still have Joel and Katie’s kitchen sink and counter top in our attic. I forgot to ask about this. I guess it belongs to Joel and Katie. Anyway, unless someone speaks up now, it also is gonna be donated to the construction good will place.

Hope you all had safe and pleasant re-entries. Please let us all pray like crazy for each other!

Nice you could come back a day early, Elizabeth!

Seeing the photo above reminded me of our photo shoot yesterday. Fun to see how those came out!

Enjoyed the Luke show even more the second time around. Thanks, again, Isaac and Liesl for that labor of love.

One of my most vivid memories from childhood is “reading things in trees,” so finishing my “chair” must have some pretty deep psychological roots. Not sure if that is good or bad!

I’m still Jesse!

Wonderful to have you all here!

Miss you, Elizabeth! Hope all is well. You’ll have to see “the Luke show” when you come Thursday. It was a definite highlight.

I’m working today, so we won’t be there till tomorrow night. We’re all really excited about it though. Sadie is very anxious to cross the last day off of her calendar tonight.

Still no AC down here. Poor Jess is learning how quickly things turn moldy and nasty when temps are 100+ all day and high humidity. They AC folks said either today or Monday they should get the part in that they need to fix it.

Sorry, Dad. I logged in to check email last time I was there, and it’s all the same account.

This morning at breakfast Tobin was in my lap getting help with the scrapings from the bottom of his cereal bowl, when he announced in a chipper voice: “Mommy, I pooping on Jesse now.”

I’ve been attacked by body snatchers!!! Isaac??????

Why did that say “Jesse”??? That was me(Dad).

It has been lots of fun to have Joel and Katie here. The other night Faye and I came back in the dark from a walk and there were four heads in the pool conspiring together. Somehow it seemed very striking. (Isaac, Luke, Liesl and Katie.)

Joel has been very diligent–sitting around reading great books that he has to teach this coming year (!!!).

Trying to pull together a bunch of loose ends at school and at home before the rest of you begin to come tomorrow. Hope you all can come tomorrow, Kevin and Jess! (I think we have your two library books.)

God is very good. I gotta get doin’! Love you all!!!

Jessica, I’m glad that your tax situation is less stressful right now, and we will certainly pray that what you are trying to do will work out!

We are delighting in our time of getting to be with the Hake clan, and we can’t wait for all the rest of you to join!! (The vacation is partial, as Joel’s job is transportable and he can do some work from here. But I will certainly admit, its super nice!)
Jesse, that same storm I think was quite violent here. We also took a walk immediately after, and talked with two neighbors who were chain sawing large trees that had fallen on their homes.
See you all soon!