Making Carnival Great Again

There is a ghastly float lampooning the U.S.A. and making quite a splash online in the last couple of days. It was built for the annual Carnival of Viareggio in Tuscany, Italy (a month-long celebration dating back to 1873).

On the float itself and in the large procession in front of it, scores of cowgirls, cowboys and red-white-and-blue minutemen all cavort with a gigantic, mechanized and wide-mouthed Trump head, dancing to techno versions of songs such as “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” and Green Day’s “American Idiot.” A live-acted male Statue-Of-Liberty surfs atop a wave of Trump’s hair while pumping a rifle in the air. Another live-acted Indian maiden in a giant birdcage shakes a tomahawk while being carted out in front of the huge procession by two sheriffs who throw candy to the crowds. The float itself is reminiscence of a huge Mississippi steam boat (and covered with signs such as “casino,” “saloon,” and “bordello”). Inside the float, four cutout figures (including a Muslim, a black man with an Afro, and a Mexican in a colorful fedora) rotate in a slow circle with targets on their chests. A huge cutout cowboy on the front occasionally fires off his revolver (with a bang of strobe lights and confetti), causing one of the cutouts to flop over backwards for a moment. Rather ominously, a giant banner on the back sports the message “Make Carnival Great Again” in large letters that stretch across an image of thirteen stereotypical white Americans with nooses around each of their necks.

This float was named “Bang Bang” and was created by the Cinquini brothers.

Here is a photo gallery (and a link to a video at the bottom):

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