Voxer is great, but let’s not lose this! :-(

I know I’ve been very remiss!

Practical:  I’ve got a grey plastic car seat base/booster seat and a Sunbeam Fan/Heater.  Can anyone tell me who’s they are?  🙂

So much has happened!

We are very concerned about Luke.  Please earnestly pray for his (and everyone’s) safety down there.

Joel and Katie may close on their house this Thursday!  What a saga that has been, but it seems as though God has been consistently surprising and blessing them.  It is wonderful to have them here.  So much fun, and (frankly) a great comfort as Faye and I face a difficult present and very uncertain future.  I visited David Aikman recently in an “Old Folks Home” and was reminded what a great joy to hear Caelyn’s laughter and to see Silas learning to climb up the steps, to be greeted with a “Hello, Gwandpa” at unlikely times and places.

It is also wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to have Liesl at PHC and home so much.  To see her in Western Lit class, to read her papers, to see her “around campus,” to ride back and forth with her almost every week, and to have lunch with her every Wednesday!

I am discipling four young men every Monday and enjoying it so much!  Their names are Tim, Trent, Andrew and Drake.  Please pray for our growth!  The Christian Life class is also going well and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Faye and I walk for a full hour almost every day.  I really enjoy that time, and it keeps us very “caught up.”

Elizabeth’s “last day”!!! Hooray!!! I have been praying very earnestly this whole time, Elizabeth, for strength, patience and safety!

Becky, the “huge pizza” was so much fun!  I love all your pictures and news.  And we have been following with avid interest the adventures of Cinnamon the Pig!

Feel free to skip over the rest, but this is the report I did on my sabbatical (!!!):

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