Thanks, Mom, for the birthday post!

I saw it shortly after my birthday (since my birthday was on a Sunday, I didn’t get on the computer that day), and I greatly appreciated it. 🙂

The voxes have been great, but it would also be really nice to get some longer updates on here (if Voxer hasn’t made the family blog totally obselete…).

Today I enjoyed a walk with a lady named Bethany and her two boys, aged 2 and 2 months. We walked Tuesday, too. She and her husband just moved here from Dallas, TX, so he could take a job as an English professor at Grove City College. The have come to our church two different Sundays, but I met Bethany through a mutual friend, a lady in her late forties or early fifties who thought that Bethany and I would get along really well. It has been delightful to get to talk with someone close to my age and in a similar stage of life. There is no one else in that category here in Grove City in any of our circles, and I’ve been praying for a friend like that to move here and come to our church for a couple of years now.

I signed up to attend a women’s retreat (our presbytery is doing it) in a few weeks. I am excited because some of my closest friends from our church are going, and the speaker is supposed to be good. I am nervous, though, because it will be my first time ever away from Isaac overnight since we’ve been married, and I struggle a lot with anxiety that something will happen to him while we’re apart. Ironically, the retreat is about anxiety and facing your fears… I will also be hosting and facilitating the women’s Bible study for our church this fall. I am so glad to finally begin using our home as the place of hospitality we want it to be. Having Liesl’s friends over last Sunday during her Labor Day visit made me extra excited about the possibilities of hosting students and others in the community.

Isaac seems to like his new job pretty well so far. I am sure he will post something about it soon, but the main thing I have noticed is that he seems much less stressed and we get to see him more. When he says he’s done for the day, he’s really done, without any pressure to do more hanging over his head. (That wasn’t always or even usually the case with his former job.) I think it will be really good for our family long-term.

Right now, Isaac is down in the basement working on making shelves for our linen closet. I can hardly wait to have somewhere to put our towels and sheets other than in a large stack in our study! We will try to vox everyone some pictures.

Our bedtime alarm is going off, so I’d better go brush my teeth. 🙂 Love you all!

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