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Enjoyed your two posts, Kevin.  It was funny and very last minutes that Elaina came along.  Entirely her idea!  She was super sweet and helpful.  And very sweet, too, on the long ride back.  We got back about ten and I heard this wild music.  I traced it to the basement, and Faye, Luke, Liesl, and Elsie were just beginning to watch McFarland (second time for us).  So Elaina and I settled down and joined them.  I liked it even better the second time.

The horse camp went really well.  I think all the kids really enjoyed it, and Faye, Luke, and Liesl really enjoyed their part of it, though they were very ready for the relative quiet of our home after those two, wonderful weeks.  I made the most of my week at home by really focusing and getting things done at PHC.

I preached this morning at New Hope and baptized three more Beaty children (Niko and Christianna now that they are both fully and finally adopted) and Ayala Shalom (with a big bow in her hair).  Quite a saga, and pretty amazing. The Howard kids sang a couple really beautiful songs during offering and prelude.  And Abby Messinger came.  Luke took her out to the Thai restaurant for lunch and they are both here for dinner tonight, so that’s really fun.

Faye was supposed to begin her third type of medicine yesterday, but I think she is actually beginning today.  Please pray!

Last night during a wakeful time I thought about the verse, “whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it to the glory of God.”  I wondered what “sleeping to the glory of God” would involve.  God never sleeps, and does not need to.  He has created us to need sleep, just as we need food.  There will be no night in heaven–will we not need to sleep?  There were “evenings and mornings” before the fall, and God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep when He took his rib out to make Eve.  Did Adam and Eve sleep before the fall?  I think so.

In any case, it seems to me to sleep to God’s glory involves being thankful that He promises to watch over us while we sleep, that indeed He is the one who gives the gift of sleep (Psalm 127:2).  It is an opportunity to obey, quite literally, the command to “be still and know that He is God.”  And to express our grateful faith by banishing all fear and anxiety, indeed all thought and concern, and giving ourselves up to Him completely in sleep.  These thoughts, and others like them, were helpful to me.  They are kind of an extension of what I shared Saturday night.

Life is full.  Overwhelming sometimes.  But good, because God is good.  We need each other so much!  Pray and never lose heart!

Joel and Katie have potentially good news on the house across the street.  They are willing to sell it “as is” at a very reasonable price.  Please pray as inspections are done, and the bank and Poortengas make final decisions.  Guide, Lord! We give this to You!

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