Changes for the West PA Hakes

As of yesterday evening, this computer programmer is computerless and unemployed. This week I accepted a job offer from   C e l t i c   H e a l t h c a r e   in Mars–close to TF’s old office in Cranberry. They have a small software team there that is hiring some new hands and separating from the rest of the company somewhat as it prepares to develop some new products, re-do some old ones, and expand into additional markets. (I also discovered they’re outsourcing some work to TF, so I’ll continue seeing some of my TF coworkers in the coming months.) After a few acclimating weeks, I’ll start working from home four days a week. On the whole, I’m guessing the work will be less exciting than the stuff I’d be doing at TF if I stuck around, but they have some interesting projects in the works and I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

TF was loath to see me go and extended a very substantial counter-offer I hadn’t expected. Since I’d already accepted the offer with Celtic when I told them about my decision, I felt obliged to stick with my choice. And while I’ll alert my current company first in the future, it may be best that it worked out that way this time. I don’t know if I’d’ve had the courage to leave in the face of that offer without the extra incentive, and I think Celtic will be a good fit for us–closer, steadier, less stressful, more time for other things, but still (hopefully!) engaging.

My last day at TF was yesterday. It’s been hard to say goodbye–partly due to the normal difficulty of leaving something familiar for something unknown, but mainly because I really enjoyed my relationships with some of the people there. They’re a good bunch.

I start at Celtic on the 31st, which gives Hannah and me a week together at home. I haven’t had a full week off work since starting at TF two years ago, and we’re looking forward to spending that time together very much.

Elsa is doing well. We got her a baby gym from IKEA several days ago and discovered that she’s somewhat mobile, now. We left her on it unattended for a few minutes and found her completely underneath our living room chair crying when we came back.

Hope you’re surviving, Elizabeth. Happy birthday! 🙂 Glad you found a job that sounds like it will be so convenient.

Glad to hear about the Poortinga’s home-buying progress, that the Radman’s sold their RV, and that Luke is safely in Puerto Cabezas. Looking forward to seeing Goo in a few weeks, too!

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