Thanks for updating the photo, Isaac! Looks great!

I trust those of you who have had a childless or childlesser week have enjoyed yours as much as Jess and I have. Thanks, Mom, Dad, Luke and Liesl! We’re super excited to see our kids later today but we enjoyed the quiet evenings and clean house while it lasted…

Radmans, how’d your trip back go? Have you guys recovered your equilibrium a little?

Our Florida renters, who have been there forever, have been struggling the last year or so and I just got an e-mail saying they can’t pay the rent they’re behind on and are moving out. 🙁 This renting business is for the birds. I have to talk to lawyer next week about our NC foreclosure anyway, so I’ll look at what makes the most sense for the FL place. We’ll probably wind up doing a short sale or letting that one foreclose too. That will be the last of our upside down properties and our penultimate mortgage.

I better go make breakfast. Work is calling and Jess needs to finish getting packed for her trip to get the kids. We enjoyed seeing everyone and the time at Rivendell North. You’re a pretty great bunch.

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