Question from Dad …

I just sent this also via email, but wanted to put it up here as well:

Faye and I would like to ask you a question.  It’s coming kinda late, and we apologize for that.  Our lives have been pretty full, but that’s no excuse.

We are wondering about having the family reunion at Rivendell North this year instead of Rivendell South.  There are several reasons for this.  Rivendell North is on the market and may be sold before we could ever do it again.  It would be an opportunity to “say goodbye” to that very unique and wonderful place.  It is also “picture perfect” at the moment:  grass manicured, plumbing and electric all works, beautiful inside and out.  It would be kinda nice to enjoy it when it’s “never been nicer.”  We would have the creek, kayaks, the go-cart, we could get hay to jump into out of the loft, etc.  We could have a lot of fun.  We could also comfortably accommodate everyone with almost no work on anyone’s part.  And meals would also be very convenient.

Joel and Katie just moved here (Rivendell South) and things are a bit “topsy turvey” at the moment.  By the same token, next summer, especially if Rivendell North sells, we plan to do some things at Rivendell South that would make the family reunion (summer 2016) better than ever.  So this summer would be a good one to “go north” in that sense also.

Kevin and Jessica, if you drove up to Rivendell South, we would really like it if we could “mix things up” for the further drive to Rivendell North, so that you and your kids could begin to enjoy fellowship with siblings, cousins, etc., even while you made that further drive.  (If that seems like a good idea to you all.)

Jesse and Elisabeth, Isaac and Hannah, Kevin and Becky—please let us know honestly what you think.  We have no idea how this would affect each of you.  You can either email me, or call.  If I don’t hear from you all pretty soon, I’ll call you.  J  It would be good to settle this either way for obvious reasons.

We love you all very much!  We are VERY EAGER to see you all SOON!

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