Nice to hear an update from the north PA Hakes. And rumors of Poortengas moving and south PA Hakes making progress in that direction. And we’re also excited about the family reunion wherever it winds up taking place.

This is our first day back to real life after our week in Thomaston at Be In Health. It was an amazing, refreshing, challenging week of learning, crying and eating blueberries (the lady whose house we stayed in had wonderful, enormous bushes in her yard). Sadie announced loudly to the neighborhood as I was feeding the goats when we got back “Mommy just pooped and she didn’t take any pills!” That’s our own mini-miracle right there. And she’s been keeping it up since we got back. We have hope again that the other, less immediate, issues will also clear up and we can regroup a little on other plans. Jess is already planning a trip back for one of their week long walk out sessions once the kids are back in school and her dad can come stay with us a week to watch the kids in the afternoons before I get off work. We fit so well into that community, we feel like we’re on a high (much better than weed) the whole time we’re there and for a few weeks after we get home. We’re seriously considering doing a gap year there when we’re done with the TN building project but before we move to the farm full time.

Our doe is starting to fill out a little around the middle so we’re hopeful that she’s expecting. It’s so miserably hot it’s hard to imagine being pregnant outside right now, but by the time she’s waddling it should have cooled off some. I’ve got my seedlings well underway for the late summer garden. Counting the days till September when I can apply my first fully cured poop compost. I finally got a load of 1400 lbs of agricultural lime in our new trailer and got that spread just before we left for Thomaston. That should start making a difference in a couple of months in what will grow in our yard.

Saturday was a birthday mania all day. It was tiring to be mostly out in the hot all day at various parties but it was nice to meet some new neighbors and develop some of the relationships in this neighborhood. We’re having one of the families over for cobb oven pizza on Thursday. They have three little girls and chickens and go to an Assemblies of God church.

Jess has been out all day at Back Yard Bible clubs and helping out a friend who had surgery last week with her kids and meal planning. She should be home soon so I better go get the beef off the grill. She probably won’t let me publish this with the poop comment if I wait…

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