I am so thankful to have a small amount of quiet time this morning to read the Bible, eat breakfast, and (finally) write this post. Elsa is asleep, my friend Caroline hasn’t come downstairs yet, and Isaac is working upstairs in the study. I hope this post isn’t too confusing or convoluted; I haven’t got enough time to edit it!

So much has happened in the last month. After we moved, we had only two hectic weeks in our new house before we drove back down to the North Carolina coast to spend time with my family at Ocean Isle Beach. In the meantime, my grandpa Vandevort’s cancer spread quickly, and we spent all of Saturday, June 27 with him and my extended Vandevort family saying goodbye. He died peacefully on Thursday, July 2, and the funeral was yesterday. On Sunday, June 28, we drove down to the beach despite Isaac’s being a little bit sick, and that night, shortly after we arrived, I got really sick with the full-blown fever/throw-up version of whatever Isaac had. I felt better by Wednesday, and we enjoyed the time with my parents, siblings, my Yandle grandparents, and some aunts and uncles the rest of the week.

We arrived home from the beach at 3:30 am on Monday morning. We hit a ton of traffic in the Richmond and D.C. area, and we also stopped for a little while to meet up with Michael and Shaina Duryea (the friends who got married during the family reunion last summer) and to meet their son, Caspian, who is just a little younger than Elsa. Isaac got an hour and a half of sleep before he had to get up to drive in to Pittsburgh. Monday night, he picked my friend Caroline Scott up from the airport, and she will be staying until Saturday. Because of my grandpa’s funeral, my mom and siblings came up on Tuesday and will leave tomorrow. In the middle of it all, we are still trying to get some work done on the house. 🙂

We are thinking of you all, praying for everyone’s houses to sell, and looking forward to the family reunion. Glad to hear of Luke and Liesl’s safe returns and of the demise of the black snake. Love, Hannah

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