We Gotta Get People Back On This Thing! :-)

I am speaking to myself as well, of course.

Us “Non Facebook People” don’t want to miss precious news.

Faye, Elsie, Elaina and I tackled the backyard and house with as much gusto as we could bring to the task.  Always wish we could do more in a day, but God helped us to accomplish quite a bit.  Many layers of stuff got dealt with, including some we’ve never done before.

Faye is napping, which is so good.  We’ll walk when she wakes up.  Elsie’s family night tonight. One of the things we did was weed through all the videos, including all the ones form Rivendell North.  After working hard all day and evening, from ten to twelve thirty Friday night we watched the old Steve McQueen “The Great Escape” (a double video cassette–LONG, but fun!).  Really brought back memories!  Elsie and Elaina practically memorized it after one watching, and have been quoting snatches of dialogue to each other ever since.  They are now watching it for the second time.  They just helped me pick up a ton of sticks in the yard from the tornado we had the other day, and helped with the pool, so this is a kind of a reward.

What’s your billy goat’s name, Kevin?

The tornado didn’t last long, but was rather awesome.  I watched it from the window in front of me (facing the back yard–“Grandma and Grandpa’s room”).  Sun is shining now, but during the storm all I could see was a sheet of white blowing sticks and leaves violently toward the house.  We were without power for a couple days, and my generator didn’t work, so it was kind of a pain.  🙁  Seems to have hit this immediate area hardest, and took some huge trees down.  We lost only some limbs, but it made a big mess.

Liesl comes tomorrow, and Luke Tuesday.  We are super excited.  It will also be fun to drive up to the Farm for the 4th.  We plan to leave Thursday morning, and return Sunday afternoon.

One of the things we did is make the “kitchen” part of the garage much nicer.  It’s only a bandaid, but a much needed one.  While working out there, the huge black snake began to show up.  Six feet long, almost two inches in diameter.  Once at midnight Faye was putting things on the shelf.  A thing of tomato paste wouldn’t go back all the way, so she reached up to investigate, and it was the snake.  She screamed bloody murder and couldn’t go  back to work or sleep for two or three hours.  🙁  I didn’t even wake up.  I came back from the store the next morning, and saw the snake slowly disappearing into a cinder block.  I grabbed a flat shovel and chopped with all my might.  I had him pinned under the shovel.  He pulled and the shovel was sliding! I was wondering madly what to do, and didn’t want him to get away, so I reached down and grabbed this back end and pulled.  He came apart.  He left a bunch of his guts behind him, so we are sure he’s a goner, but he got down into the garage foundation.  We haven’t smelled him.  Jesse, he’s got to be dead, right?  We also haven’t seen him, or any of his friends.  We found a bird’s nest in one of our lunch boxes, and also a piece of snake skin!  It was up high, too.  You can see that this area had suffered from some neglect.  🙂

The whole kitchen has been gone over, and is now wonderful.  Anything Faye works on always comes out both very practical and very pleasant.

Nasty case of poison ivy.  I’ve got to be more careful.  🙁

Very eager to see all of you soon!  Jesse said they may get a house offer this Tuesday, so please pray, everyone!  Would be wonderful!  Pray, too, for Rivendell North to sell!

Faye’s up.  Gotta walk!  Love you all so much!

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