Hope your move went okay yesterday!

We thought of you!

So enjoyed catching up on this wonderful stuff!

Our two weeks at the ocean were wonderful.  Saw almost all of you!  So wish you could have joined us, Kevin and Becky!  🙁  And Luke!

June has been getting ready for the Poortenga’s arrival–their house looks so beautiful!  Pray for Rivendell, the Poortenga home and Jesse and Elizabeth’s home all to sell!

Faye and my trip to the Jersey shore for a couple days was also wonderfully blessed.  Ginny, Andy, John, Connie, Faye, me, John, Margie, Cathy and Michael were all there.  We talked and laughed a ton.  Very wonderful–we were all so glad we could do it!  I told Faye that getting into the car to make that trip was like getting into a time machine.  So strange, but wonderful, too.

Faye and I watched “Still Alice” last night.  Very sad, but very worth watching.

We took Goob to the airport a week ago tonight!  🙁  You all have seen their wonderful photos.  Nice to think of them all together.  I know that it meant a ton to Liesl to spend this time with Luke and help him.  Getting the 87 pound keyboard onto the plane was an adventure, but God blessed, and Luke now has it for his big concerts.

My heart is very full.  We love you all so much, and are so proud of each one of you.  Please pray for Faye, and pray for wisdom as Joel and Katie come and we move forward.  Faye has been pretty miserable, and we need to make some tough decisions.  Thank you so much for your prayers and your love!

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