Happy Belated Birthday, Noel!

May God bless this next year of your life! Thanks for posting such sweet pictures, Becky! It is especially poignant to see those newborn pictures compared with her birthday pictures since Elsa has worn all of the clothes in the newborn pictures (and just outgrew them a couple of weeks ago!).

Elsa was nine weeks old yesterday and had her two-month doctor appointment in the morning. Isaac took her because I have some kind of fever/stomach bug virus, and she was 11.4 lbs already! The doctor said she is healthy, strong, and developmentally well beyond the two-month point. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow morning, Isaac and I will finally be moving into our new house, Lord willing. We are thankful to finally be getting our life consolidated into one location again, and we are thankful for all the progress we’ve been able to make over there. God has provided just the help we need at each step on our way to this point, and we trust that He will continue to provide as we move in and settle down into our new home.

That said, we can use a lot of prayer right now. As I mentioned, I have been sick the last couple of days with a flu bug which has rendered me even less able to help with the moving process than simply being a new, nursing mom would have. Also, last week we found out that my Grandpa Vandevort has to have a cancerous tumor removed from his bladder before it kills him, but since he is almost 94, there is a high likelihood that he won’t make it through the surgery (it is scheduled for sometime this coming week, but he was originally supposed to have the surgery today). Thankfully, since we live only 30 minutes from him and my grandma, we were able to see him last week and on Sunday, but it has been very hard for me emotionally. My parents and siblings drove up from NC for the weekend to visit him, so they are here to help with the move, which is nice. Also, although our kitchen appliances are all hooked up, we still don’t have a shower, the toilet is broken, and right now Isaac (along with my stepdad and brother) is frantically painting our bedroom floor so it will be dry before we move in tomorrow. I might be a little overwhelmed. 🙂 Our church is going to help us move, though, which is so encouraging.

We love you all so much, and we are praying for you! Love, Hannah


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