Well, we are all thrilled and excited about Elsa’s arrival!  Wonderful photos, and quite a stunning video!

And, Luke, those were amazing Krin Krin photos.  So glad you are back!  (Though I confess that we are very concerned about the fungus infection that sounds most recently, from Goob, that it’s worse. Please, Luke, get the care you need!)

Liesl came home with Abby and it’s been wonderful.  She has a ton of studies, but somehow still manages to do so many nice things with everyone.  She and the girls were late home from church (we took two cars) and found out they’d gone to the “ruins” on an adventure, and then had ice-cream at Sheetz’s!  She goes back tonight.  🙁

I wrote a prayer journal entry this afternoon about “moving parts” and “stakes in the ground” listing all the many unknowns in our lives right now, what I hope will happen, prayers, concerns, questions ….  Quite a list!

Yet we are so blessed!  Crazy blessed!  Thank you, God!  Please guide us all!

New oil furnace being installed at Rivendell North.  Ouch!  He’s a good man, and doing it right, I think, but finding quite a bit that needs to be dealt with.  I’m praying for him–his name’s Steve Wysox.  So that has slowed that down a bit.  We put everything pretty much all summer on our LONG calendar hanging in the kitchen.  Lot’s of cool stuff coming up!  Sailboats, horses, writing books–you name it!

Best of all–seeing all of you!  Can’t wait!

Not much other news.  I’ll go see if Faye would like to take a walk.  Gotten a bit cloudy and cooler.  Had the corners off the pool yesterday, checking the chemicals and the temp, beefing up the chlorine.  Luke and I opened the pool this time last year.  Remember that, Luke?  Kind of a whim, and rather premature.  Opening will probably wait till as soon as we are back from the shore.  I think it will be easy and rather dramatic this time around.

Love to you all!


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