So much fun!

I love the name “Villa Caprice”!  What does it mean?  🙂

Cool to see pregnant Hannah by the “sold” sign!  and the happy couple with that all-important “key.”  🙂

Great visit with Jerry and Dottie! Also Andy and Jenny Pense!  And it has been super nice having Mom here, and of course Liesl.  She leaves tomorrow.  🙁  Mom Thursday.

I leave (again) for Rivendell North Wednesday, with Faye and girls to follow hopefully Friday.  The furnace guy comes Thursday morning.  Pray that goes well!  Still a ton to do.  We want to have it pretty and on the market ASAP.  Gaiges will help again this weekend.  Tom and Jesse were both a huge help a week ago yesterday.  Very cold, no running water, grim, but productive.  I would so love to see a big SOLD in front of that one!  I’ll put that on the BLOG!

Thinking and praying a TON about Luke.  Couple more days and we hope to hear that he’s back.

About to leave for the Eckels.  Lungs also invited, so that’ll be fun for us all and nice for Goob.

“Moving parts” seems to be the word for many of us.  It is wonderful to know that all our lives are in God’s strong hands, and that He lets NOTHING “fall through the cracks.”  There are no “oops” moments for Him.  How thankful we can be!

Very exciting to welcome the soon arrival of the also much-prayed-for “MRS. FRANKLIN.” 

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