No baby yet…

…but we do have some good news on our house-buying process. Our mortgage has been approved, and we were able to move our closing date from April 8 to tomorrow, April 2 (at 2pm), assuming that the sellers are able to send in a few documents in time and that the baby doesn’t come between now and then. We would appreciate your continued prayers for all the details of that to come together! There are so many “moving parts” in our lives right now, many of which affect each other. We are constantly being reminded that we are in control of nothing whatsoever–“The heart of man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” (can’t remember where that’s located in the Psalms, but I know it’s in there and that it’s quite true!)

As far as the baby, I have what will hopefully be my last prenatal OB appointment tomorrow morning before the closing. I’ve been having strong Braxton Hicks contractions sporadically, and I even had a “false labor” for about 6 or 7 hours on Sunday night, with contractions about 2 min. apart for one of those hours. I’m so ready for this baby to come!

Isaac has been really supportive through this entire hormonally-emotional process. He has been doing a great job of balancing his work (please pray for continued focus and energy for that!), the details of buying the house, and taking care of me/baby stuff. What a guy! I can hardly wait to see him with our daughter. đŸ™‚

Love you all so much! We’re praying for each of you, and we’ll keep you posted on all of our craziness!

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