Okay, so I was just scrolling down quickly to see how many inches of new blog postings there were and I was getting terrified because the lines that were standing out to me at first were “Hello, Villa Caprice” and “I love the name Villa Caprice, what does it mean?”  and I was trying to wrap my head around a niece named Villa Caprice….  🙂

Sadie and Orlando are in FL with my parents and Sister, and the trip to TN we were supposed to dash up on was cancelled, so we got to spend Easter at home, just we two, and Pip.  I made “Chuck Roast Marsala”  and we had chocolate bunny for dessert.

Last week we had a visitation from Paul McNeil.  It was strangely exciting, since we never really met him before but have heard so much about him.  It felt as if we were hosting Johnny Appleseed, or someone that legendary, that quaint, and that, almost mythical.  He spoke like someone a hundred years or more out of the past.  I wasn’t sure if I pinched him he’d actually be tangible. To come painting with us he put on a pair of coveralls which we thought was pretty adorable, and he drank “Mate” out of a coconut husk with a fancy straw.  He didn’t seem to have anything particular to talk about, though he didn’t ever stop talking (which we like in a guest very much), and after an evening of chatting us up with his considerably superior chatting-skills he went out to his camper promising to return for breakfast.  However, in the middle of the night he simply disappeared, leaving nothing but half a bag of apples.  Really sort of mysterious and enchanting.  I’m sad we’re going to have to duel with him over who gets Radman and Becky.

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