Thankful for His goodness on birthdays and eveyday

On March 12:  I thanked God particularly for you, Jesse.May you, Jesse, have a blessed happy fruitful next year of life.

On March 13’th:  I gave thanks particularly for you, Joel. May you, Joel, have a wonderful blessed year ahead.

Everyday: I am so thankful for Steve, Jesse, Elizabeth, Nessa, Tobin, Kevin, Jessica, Sadie, Orlando, Katie, Joel, Talia, Micah, Lorena, Caelyn, Silas, Becky, Radman, Judah, Sienna, Noel, Isaac, Hannah, Mrs. Franklin, Luke, Liesl, Elsie, Elaina, my mama, my brothers, and sisters, nieces and nephews, neighbors, cashiers at Walmart, and all the people and all the world around me and all the good gifts God has abundantly bestowed and redeemed! Why is He so incomprehensibly kind to us?

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