Spring is coming! :-)

We bought a small computer on the way home from church today.  Isaac’s recommendation for the “Grandkids Show.”  Faye is trying to set it up, and just said, “I feel so old and incompetent!  I hope I don’t do something stupid!”

It will be nice to have that up again.  Hopefully should last quite awhile.  That old computer was the last weak link.

Quiet here with “just the four of us.”  We went out to Panera’s last night, kinda spur of the moment, and had a yummy meal and finished reading N. D. Wilson’s The Hundred Cupboards.  Fun, but not what I would call “great.”  Probably gonna pass on books two and three.  In any case, not ready to jump into another book right away.  Faye and I watched “Theory of Everything” the other night.  We were pretty impressed.  Definitely a thought provoking movie.  Elsie had her family night this past Friday, and we did a bunch of things.  Faye’s word for Balderdash was “funkia.”  My definition:  “Strangely weird, as in ‘funkia and funkia.”  I guessed the actual definition, which was a type of lily named after the fellow who first found it, a Mr. Funk.  Laina had this hilarious, long word I can’t remember.  We watched “Despereaux,” a mouse story.  Very well done–definitely recommend it for a family night.  I might have goofed up the spelling.

Looks like almost everyone will be able to make it to the ocean.  Fun!  Probably not the Radmans, and not Luke.  🙁 !!!

I asked Jeremiah Wright today in church if he would like to come over and help me get the boats ready.  He said he’d love to.  He’s sailed the big one with me, and may borrow some combination of the boats.  He has a standing invitation (as do all of you!).  Liesl said that maybe this trip she can actually learn to sail. That would be fun!

We should clarify the dates for the family reunion.  I think Faye said that the last week in July would be better for some of you than the first week in August.  Can we all weigh in and decide?  Would be good to get it on all our calendars.

Faye’s calling me.  I’ll post this, and maybe come back.

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