PRAY for Baby Bumpina’s safe arrival and Luke’s trip at 4:00 AM tomorrow to Krin Krin

Luke, after quite a strange fluctuation in plans, and God’s good kind intervention, and the kindness of the school principal Luke has been serving under,  is finally settled on leaving with four of the older teen guys from the orphanage for the six hour bus ride to Waspam,  an overnight there by the river, and catching a local Indian man with a dug out canoe to take them ten hours up the river to Krin Krin. He’ll be staying a little over a week with the Lee family up there. Please pray for safety, a good time with the guys he’s going with, rich fellowship with the Lees, and general fruitfulness of the whole adventure.   Luke put up a new post on Treasures in Jars….

I’m home alone with my two little girls while Dad is working like mad in a cold, water-less, empty house up at Rivendell for a few days. He’s doing needed repairs before putting it up with real estate person. Now I’ll be the one hearing the creaks and bumps in the night, Becky. 🙂 Hope Kevin made it home safely to you and the kids. We enjoyed our brief visit last night and seeing all the fun pics and video clips of your very beautiful and fun children!

Grandma is coming to stay for a week and a half or so, I”m so excited. I got her room rearranged and all cozy today. The girls are very excited about having her here.

So much that has to happen before all the lovely summer plans and times to see and be with you all!

PRAY FOR HANNAH AND ISSAC!  I’m on tenterhooks waiting for a phone call from you, Isaac!

(Today was Anneliese’s due date. Maybe those two little second cousins will share the same birthday. 🙂 )

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