It’s a beautiful, blowy, sunny afternoon!

Hope that Faye and I can take a least a short walk, yet.

We need your prayers so much, yet God is wonderfully good.

So enjoyed all the pictures below.  Tell us some stories, everyone!

Jesse and Elizabeth joined Liesl (and her roommate Laura) for a HUGE birthday celebration for Elsie and Elaina.  It was very festive, multifaceted, and lots of fun.  One big project was the four younger kids made their own chess sets.  Tobin made “Lukes vs. Liesls.”  His own idea!  We’ll have to get a picture of Luke and Liesl playing a game with it!  Elsie did the Colonists vs. the Redcoats, because she’s studying early US history at the moment.  A wonderful George Washington on horseback as the king, and a demure Martha as queen.  Kind of a nice historical irony there…

Our “humongous snow fort” is a rather shabby pile of dirty snow at his point.  But it may still last awhile as it was so big.  Looks like continued warmer weather this week, so maybe not!

God’s richest blessings on each of you–we love you all!

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