Hoonerized Spakes

This morning before Isaac and I got out of bed, we had a conversation that we thought we ought to share with you. It started with Isaac mentioning his friend Dan Gilmour (he was the tall, redheaded groomsman in our wedding)…except he called him “Gan Dilmour” by mistake. I started thinking about Spoonerisms, where you switch the first letters of words just that way, and I started thinking of all of you, dear family. The rest of the post gets the basic conclusions of our morning conversation across; I encourage you to read it out loud to get the full effect.

The spoonerized “Hannah Hake” is pretty boring: “Hannah Hake.”

“Rebecca Radman” has the same problem as “Hannah Hake,” but “Recky Badman” has a more interesting ring to it, as does “Revin Kadman.”

Some of us have names that don’t work too well when spoonerized, such as “Hsaac Iake,” “Hlizabeth Eake,” “Hlsie Eake,” and “Hlaina Eake,” but they do make for exciting pronunciation challenges.

Some of us still end up sharing last names, such as “Huke Lake” and “Hiesl Lake” or “Hesse Jake” and “Hessica Jake.”

Let’s not forget “Hevin Kake,” “Poel Joortenga,” or “Patie Koortenga.”

And finally, Mom and Dad would be “Haye Fake” and “Heve Stake.”

On a more serious note, I second Mom’s request for prayer for me and the baby… I am so ready to pop! And right now would be an ideal time to give birth for me (and for Isaac) in just about every way.

Love to you all, and praying for you–especially for Luke right now!


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