Lulu was disappointed when I took out table scraps for the chickens. She only likes oats and an occasional wilted leaf. When her looks and her baas produced no midday oats she dropped her head and butted a chicken. That offended lady shrieked and scolded over her back as she was propelled forward, feathers flying. Later that day, just before the sun went down, Lulu and Mr. Incredible eased themselves down in front of the small door into the coop. As dusk set in thirteen golden hens and Ophelia circled in confusion and consternation, unable to go to bed at the habitual time. Habit is very important to chickens. The goats watched, chewing their cud. Glinting in their rectangle eyes was a look of satisfied amusement.

Orlando broke his left wrist on Tuesday falling out of a tree. It’s been difficult for him to suffer wearing a brace and not being allowed to ride his bike but after getting an x-ray it seems to be a simple enough fracture to not bother with the orthopedic surgeon and a cast. He’s keeping up with daddy on the broken bone count. Hopefully he’s done now.

The neighborhood is suddenly warm. Grass is turning green and out of the houses where nobody knew there were children, children come pouring out and rushing straight into our backyard. It‘s mostly fine with us, except for a situation with one family who seems to be thanking their lucky stars for free daycare for their particularly young children during all daylight hours, and sometimes even when we‘re not at home. I‘ve got to set up some boundaries, for everyone’s sake, but that’s always been difficult for me! I’ve got to figure that out. Please pray for that.

Kevin and I planted our berry orchard today and raked the neighbor’s yard for his pine straw to put onto the berry plants. Tommy was so happy to get rid of his yard “trash” and we were so happy to get it for free! (we have already used all the pine straw we can find on our own property) Twenty-one plants, five types of blackberry and a black raspberry went in three rows along the fence and should produce good jam and too many pies in a few years. We also scattered numerous “green manure” seeds in hopes of eventually improving our sandy soil. Kevin’s been reading about harvesting rainwater on our little lot and “planting it”. He’s getting some crazy ideas about tearing up the whole place with gullies, swales, berms and basins. He is not content with having illegal goats and composting toilets! We must also harvest our own “liquid gold”. I am in such a tizzy worrying about what the neighbors think! …. Just kidding. 😉 I know they think we’re crazy!

A group meets in our house on Wednesday nights for a hasty supper and a discussion about A Praying Life. How many times have I been through it now? It always inspires something new! I wonder if we should add it into the Bible. Anyway, the group is really enjoying it, which is satisfying. It’s our first time “leading” a group, though we’ve hosted many. Leading a group is harder than just hosting it.

What an array of amazing times we have to look forward to in the next half year! How wonderful! Beaches, possibly a highly ambitious week with Grandma Kookie, family reunions. Our cup runs over! My kids plan to spend 4 days with my Mom and Dad in Florida in the beginning of April during their spring break. And we hope to squeeze a week at Be In Health into our summer as a whole family!

Hannah and Isaac, do you plan to bring your little lass to the second week of the beach by any chance?

I am taking my health one day at a time, but today has been good. I helped Kevin rake the neighbors yard and still have energy to spare. That’s not normal. I’m grateful for today!

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