Happy Birthday, Otto! Hope it’s been a swell one.

Certainly a lot to pray for in all the family.

We also enjoyed our time with the Poortengas and had a nice day wandering around our TN lot. It’s really the first time we’ve had more than a rush across it and also the first time we’ve been able to get around on it through the winter killed and brush hogged growth. Have started working with the designer who works with our contractor to finalize the plan so that we can start getting quotes and firm numbers for the construction.

We’ve found a couple who is interested in parking their horse trailer turned home on our land for a few years while they save up for and buy their own place. I’ve chatted with her on the phone and e-mailed some. Seems like it could be a really good thing for both us and them if it works out. We’ll have to make another trip up there in February to meet them and hash out the details. Their current job ends March 1 so they’d be moving down pretty soon after that.

Jess’s doctor’s visit was somewhat encouraging and he’s made some minor supplement suggestions and offered some hope that we’ll see some good progress soon.

Working 3 14 hour days this week and then heading to FL for the weekend to spend some time with Jess’s fam. Her brother has been down there for a few weeks and we’ll overlap with their last weekend.

Miss you all. Praying for peace and health and safety for everyone!

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