Is it anti-Hake to say that I hope everyone had a happy Halloween….. One never knows about these things. For my part, I am very glad it’s over, but it was fun. I spent all (really) of Saturday making Sadie’s Ariel the Mermaid costume from scraps of material that I had leftover from another project. The only thing we had to buy for it was the red hair-spray (disastrous) and so I was really proud of myself and felt industrious whirring away with my new sewing maching. However, Sadie reduced the skirt to rags in a matter of half an hour of DASHING from one house to another. I’d had visions of hanging it in the attic next to her tinker bell costume which I also made and letting it sit there for years as the other has done. Oh well. 😉 We had fun walking around the neighborhood with our friends, and I had my two friends Rachel and Nicole along. It’s nice to have friends!!!

We have had a most sunny week, though frigid: It was a high of 65 degrees on Tuesday, and before you scoff, realize that this means it was actually 45 degrees for several hours in the morning. The hats and gloves have been broken out of their dens of hibernation. This is very exciting and fun for us. I feel a little guilty, we seem to be the only place on the east coast that didn’t have major awful trouble from the hurricane. How did you all fare?

Orlando has been sick for going on 3 weeks now. It’s just a lingering gagging cough, and glazed over eyes. It’s not in an acute stage, but has become sort of chronic. I know most people would take him to a doctor and get some anti-biotics but we don’t want to do this for several reasons. If you could pray for him it would be nice. He is an absolute BEAR in the mornings, and I don’t mean a cuddly teddy bear… Here’s his before he’s been made to take a bite of breakfast hot dog face, and after he’s been made to take a bite of breakfast hot dog face:

I’m just really not sure about keeping Orlando in school. We have a parent-teacher meeting on the sixth. We could use prayer for making wise decisions for Orlando. I’ve been there a lot now in his classroom and I’m just not confident it’s best for him. Sadie’s classroom is great though!

Nicole and I are having a really great time going through the Paul Miller prayer book together. We just finished chapter three. We’ve invited Rachel to join us, I don’t know if she will or not.

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