From Elaina

Dear Isaac and Hannah,

I am so happy that you are coming! Thank you for the card, Hannah. I hope I can send you one too. I can’t wait for next Thursday because I’ll be able to see you.

Katie, that video of Lorena is so cute. I like to see her all grown up in the picture that you sent. I like the video of Micah and Lorena and Caelyn.

Liesl and I are sitting in the boys room typing to you. Elsie and I do school sometimes. We work very hard on Spanish and on Anatomy. We have two play days on Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday, we are busy. We play with the kids and we do stuff with Rachel and Sarah and Miriam. We color while their mom reads the book. Elsie and I are learning to crochet with Mrs. Raetz. Elsie and I can’t wait to go down to North Carolina in November! Mommy is getting ready for tomorrow’s classes. Isaac and Hannah are coming next Thursday. I and Elsie can’t wait for them to come.

Today a squirrel came to the window in the sun room and started banging his head and paws on the window. It was like he wanted to come in to the warm and cozy sun room and help Liesl with her math, or maybe make holes in the coach. He didn’t just come once but many times to call at the window.

Here is a picture of a squirrel at the window:

I love you all!


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