Here are a few snippets of Poortenga life recently:

We have an almost-sitter! Caelyn has been growing up lots.  She is full of fun, always ready to give a big grin, and eager for the challenge of sitting up.


The super gradual of process of painting has continued to drip along the last few months.  With good help like this, I don’t know how it could possibly take so long.


Looking at Lorena recently, it keeps striking me that she really is not a baby anymore.  To our delight and sweet sadness, she is turning into a lovely little girl.  This picture might help you see why I feel that way.


And, we have another reader!!  Micah has eagerly and excitedly entered the world of reading! The first day he started reading, he wanted to read the whole set of Bob books, but after the first two, he said he would take a break.  Later though out the day, he kept running to his desk, grabbing out a bob book, and “quick reading himself a book.” 🙂 That evening, when I asked Micah to break up a cardboard box and put it in the recycling, he tackled the job with extra zeal, declaring, “Wow, kids who can read can sure break up boxes good!”


Ever since the family reunion Lorena has listened to Talia singing this, and has longed to be able sing it.  She has often tried and burst into tears when she messed up.  Now she has it down pat, and is quite pleased. 🙂


And here is a clip of Micah and Lorena playing with Caelyn.  Its a bit long, sorry.

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