I enjoyed your Gandalf quote, Jesse. It makes me remember that I was too young last time I read it to really appreciate it. Kevin just finished reading Cyrano de Bergerac to me while I did mending projects on the sewing machine.

Our lives have fallen downright into a structured pattern. This is not as awful as it sounds. It grows weekly less strange that they are in school. Orlando has gotten comfortable with the pattern and is contented in it. Sadie bursts at the pattern walls with excitement, still. She has a particular friend at school named Alex, and this young man makes quite the character in her narrations. He has told her several incredible things which really are, such as that he is from Poland (which may be true, I don‘t know for sure but based on the rest of his claims, probably isn‘t). He lives atop the school, sleeps on the roof all night. When she first came home with this tale she was in tears, not sure she wanted to be friends with someone who “lied”. I talked her out of this, feeling it was better to have a spunky and imaginative friend who told incredible stories than to be the sort of person who dumped anyone. Stories about other children are pouting, or disobedient, or mocking. Stories about Alex are all cleverly imaginative, if untrue. She decided that when he insisted on living on top of the school, she would insist that she lived in a tree house on the other side of the train tracks, and to my surprise she did and they have been great friends ever since. Last week she went about declaring that brains were made of play-doh, and on further inquiry it was information she‘d gotten from Alex. They must be an inseparable pair, for Richelle, another friend in her class, has offered to marry the two of them, but they have declined her offer for the present. Most recently Alex was out sick and came back the next day “talking like an Indian,” and Sadie’s grinning delight in telling about how they all enjoyed it gave one the impression that her school time had been filled with camaraderie and kindergarden cleverness.

Sadie has also been writing more and more. Often they are just jumbled together letters and she will bring them to us wanting us to read them out for her. I remember doing this as a child. Lately though we’ve been surprised as she’ll want us to read and we’ll look down at the paper expecting to find a jumble of nothing and instead we find something like, “United States Post Office,” or “Red Lobster: Fresh Fish, Lobster.”

If any of you have Netflix, we’ve really been enjoying Once Upon A Time, which is on the instant version, and I think you‘d enjoy it as well.

Sadie did a family portrait, very appropriately including Jesus, who is most left. Next is me, then Pippen in blue, Kevin with different colored legs, herself, and Orlando is last.

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