kangaroo family going on vacation

Wonderful nice to see pictures Poortengas and Georgia Hakes.

And Becky, great video footage from Judah! So adorable indeed. Good to hear of your upcoming move. We’ve penciled in the date. We are also praying for the baby. We will be spending Thanksgiving with Dad and Mom Hake, so we might get to see the newest little Radman not long after the great revealing. We also plan to be with Dad and Mom Hake for a few days after Christmas. It will be very nice to see some of you at those times!

I am enjoying Logos work but am deeply grateful for your continued prayers.

Life in the PA Hake household chugs along like a cider press. While not sleeping much at all, Elizabeth is taking a very challenging online college course in linguistics from the University of Massachusetts that turns out to be a large amount of work (and full of crazy technical material that Elizabeth can’t imagine appreciating at any future stage of her existence). At the same time, she is keeping Nessa on track with a cyber charter school second-grade class.

Each in our own way, every member of our little family is thriving upon our earnest church conversations. By God’s grace, we are finding a sustainable pace at which to communicate about it around the edges. Regardless of where we end up, I look forward to catching up slowly with our wider family in whatever ways or stages God allows.

Here are two pictures from the kids (both created this morning before Elizabeth and I were out of bed).

Kangaroo family going on vacation by Nessa (lately, she’s been working on a story about a kangaroo family at the same time as another about a tiger family):

Fire truck by Tobin:

P.S. Looking through pictures on the Rivendell Retreat website was so much fun! Isaac and everyone else, that site really is so well done.

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