Judah has been copying us a lot recently, especially whatever Kevin does. He “works” on his toy trucks and trains with a screwdriver, inspecting the tires and making drill noises. When Kevin does his post-running stretches, Judah stretches too. This is what he did the other night while Kevin was on the phone. I managed to get some of it on video. Kevin, on the other hand, was so into his conversation that he didn’t notice what Judah was doing.

We just signed a lease to begin renting 2628 State St. in Macungie, PA. The lease begins Oct. 1 but we’ll be moving Saturday, Oct. 6. I’m excited to have more room and hope that you all can come visit. Kevin says that at least you will get your own bedroom and won’t have to go outside to pee. (like some people have in the past when they stayed overnight and didn’t want to go trekking through our bedroom to get to the 1 bathroom :]

Thank you, mom for the happy anniversary wishes, and for praying that we would find a place to rent.

Kevin & Judah stretching

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