The kids started school on schedule Monday. Sadie had a blast. Orlando had a rough first day during which a girl in his class had a lunchbox the same as Sadie’s and Orlando convinced himself it WAS Sadie’s, and so he was weeping hysterically for quite a while. His very capable and intimidating (to parents) teacher, “Miss Mittie,” had to break down and give us a call. Orlando’s latches onto things like that when he’s uncomfortable. He’s not had any similar problems since the first day though. Sadie continues to have a delightful time with very little hiccups. Her best friend for life, Michelle, is falling a little flat in that lofty role and this is dissappointing for Sadie. This afternoon we started praying that God will provide her a quality friend in her class, perhaps it will NOT end up being Michelle… Orlando says he doesn’t want any friends in his class, however he’s growing rather fond of Miss Mittie.

You’ll all be relieved to know that Pippen looks much less like a puffed cotton ball now that his blow dry has worn off.

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