Bee Hive

Sadie’s Tour

I had to do the first serious amount of work inside the hive today and broke my perfect record of not getting stung by my own bees. I did get 4-5 stings this morning. Still not bad considering I don’t own a smoker or a bee veil…

Not a good time of day to try to get pictures through the glass. But you can at least see the comb and some bees.

There are three happy goldfish in the fountain. My theory is that their poop makes the plants happy when they get watered with the fish water.

You can see some pollen on this incoming bee in the full size picture. They keep the top portion of the brood comb filled with a combination of pollen and necter that is called “bee bread”. They feed the grubs on that. You can also see some of the bees standing “guard” by the entrance. They lunge at any strange creatures that try to enter the hive. They also attack any robber bees from wild colonies that might try to “harvest” the honey these guys are starting to build up.

The fishes home and water source for the bees. Because my location is really too shady, these bees don’t use as much water as most hives would. Hopefully when they do need water, though, they will use this and not go to the pool across the street.

It would be nice to keep it up a little higher, making it easier to see in the glass and to work the hive. But until the jasmine grows in and I find a way to block off the front of the balcony a bit, this is the only way to keep it from being easily visible from the street.

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