There is so much going on in this family, it makes my head spin when I try to think about it all.  We love you each and are praying for each of you!!

Kevin and Becky, thanks for that video!  Its amazing how in this groaning world of sin and sorrow, God’s image of beauty in people is still so bright.

Elsie, Elaina, Mom, and Liesl,  we’ve enjoyed all the excitement hatching at your house from a distance!  Thanks for sharing that with us all!

Tobin, Micah designed a birthday-post-card for you.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get it posted until so many days after your birthday, but I will post it now.  We love you, and are SUPER glad that God thought of the awesome idea of making you, and that we get to have you in our family!  It was fun to see the pictures of your birthday celebration, and the pictures that you and Nessa have been drawing!!

We had a free 3-D ultrasound the other day (their tech needed time practicing on new machine), and the whole family plus Nadia went along for it.  We didn’t get fantastic pictures, but it was fun to get some sneak peaks of the baby’s chubby cheeks and fuzzy hair. 🙂


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