We finally got some bees! Kevin was informed he was going bee hunting shortly after he arrived at our house and was pretty brave. He was the only one that got stung on the outing but it was just once on the arm and he didn’t suffer too much. There were two sections of wall completely filled with comb. Not a lot of honey but lots of baby bees. We vaccumed up a lot of them and though we didn’t see the queen specifically, so far the bees are acting in their new home as if the queen is there. We should know for sure in a few days. The bee keeper said they are very active for a few days while getting settled in a new home so he took them to his house to establish them and then we’ll move them back here when they are calmed down and hopefully less visible to the neighbors. The kids were happy to finally see some real live bees and so was daddy!

The Radmans are having some car trouble and the car is in the shop waiting for a new part so they will be here for an extra day. 🙂 We went straweberry picking and goat-feeding yesterday afternoon between rain showers. I’m supposed to be making chai to go with the strawberries and cream for breakfast so I better get busy with that. I hear Judah playing an enthusiastic xylophone in his room so it won’t be too long before his mommy and daddy are up.

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