Quick Takes…

Today Lorena was in the kitchen singing to herself, “Hey beautiful girl, Daddy loves me, he loves me…” (from an Andrew Peterson song).  Later, while Joel was in class, he started laughing aloud, and then needed to explain why to his students.  He had heard Lorena outside his office door singing to Cooper:  “Hey beautiful dog, Daddy loves you, he loves you…”

A few days ago, I overheard Talia and Micah as they walked through the kitchen, deeply involved in their imaginings.  Talia was dressed as a queen with a lovely gown and a crown on.  Micah was dressed as a knight with sword.  The bit of the conversation that I heard was Micah: “Yeah, I’ll just kill them regular with my sword, and you can beauty them to death.”  I’m glad to see they don’t underestimate the power of beauty.  🙂

Joel’s parents gave Micah a Havahart (live trap) for Christmas.  We had set it many times with various baits and put it in different places in the woods– all with no success.  Yesterday, I tried baiting it with bird seed and setting it out in the backyard where the squirrels hang out near the bird feeder.  Early this morning, I heard Joel and Micah in the hallway talking, and Micah excitedly whispered to Joel that there was a squirrel that was starting to go into the trap and would hopefully soon get caught.  I prayed that the squirrel would really go in, and set the thing off.  Micah, Lorena, Joel, and I were all watching when the squirrel, seeing another squirrel showing some interest in the food in the trap, went dashing in and set off the trap.  It was fun to not only finally have caught something in there, but especially to have watched it happen.  Micah was delighted.  Here a few pictures I got before we released him.























And last but not least, one of Lorena’s current favorite songs is “Sweetly Sings the Donkey.”  She often changes the words .  One morning as she and I were driving, she launched out “Sweetly sings the van at the break of day..”  One of the versions she has sung a lot is of course “Lorena.” Joel managed to get her to sing some of it on camera:

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