Cheers for Talia!

Little Talia:

I started a blog post the day after I saw the video of you reciting Queen Mab.  It has been sitting on my computer a long time waiting. I’m sorry I took so long to tell you:




You did such a lovely job reciting that poem that Grandma cried. I was so proud of you! You had a great tone and such expression in your voice! I hope you and mama will do lots of other projects like that that we get to hear! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us. If I had been at your house the day you recited Queen Mab, I would have wanted to host a little party with tea and crumpets to celebrate that fine job you did!

It would have looked something like this:


And Queen Mab and other faireis would have been invited too!

Love you, Talia! Keep reciting.

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