Elsie and Elaina, that tea party looked like a magical feast worthy of real kings and queens. Amazing job! I hope that I get to be a guest next time.

We enjoyed a visit from Truitt this weekend. He regaled Nessa (and Tobin too) for hours with color theory. Tobin has been drawing some cute trucks lately (below is “boom truck” that combines a wrecking ball and a tow rig for pulling things like cars), and I’ve also included a whole page full of fairies that Tobin created. These fairies each had names and special tasks. Pretty fun to hear him talk about them all. He was imitating something that Nessa made earlier.

So I set these before our extended-family palantír, representative treasures held up briefly to the light amid the bleak but blessed labors at which we toil with fitful and tepid hearts. 🙂

Here are the fairies by Tobin:

Next is a color wheel that Truitt and Nessa made.

Finally a portrait by Nessa of a favorite character in the book Oddfellow’s Orphanage.

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