Hi all! Yes, I heard a hint of Sierrah’s birth on facebook (via a comment of Grandma’s on a fishing photo). Very wonderful. I haven’t seen any pictures yet.

I actually got on here myself to tell a baby story of sorts. Last night I was out chilling at the Perrins for a long while with my soon-to-be boss (Jason Lewis) and the principle at Logos who has resigned to create a spot for me (Warren Bailey). We enjoyed many rambling conversations about plans great and small. I was much encouraged by it all and came home in high spirits to a household sound asleep. I crawled into bed and found it hard to fall asleep with all of the conversations and ideas swirling in my head.

When I finally did drift off to sleep, I had a vivid dream of walking through the hallway of a large school shortly after all of the kids had gone home. As I walked along thinking and planning, I heard a little happy sound of baby babble. There on a table was a little basket containing a tiny but cherubic infant. He was smaller than any newborn but looked like a plump and healthy baby of about six months. He was cooing contentedly and seemed immediately gratified when I reached down to pick him up and cradle him against my chest. I had an overwhelming feeling of fatherly gratification and returned home with him, beaming with mischievous good humor at my unusual find. As I walked in the front door of our house, it turned out that Dad, Mom (Hake) and several siblings were there for a celebration (something like the one that we had to cancel last weekend). Mom was immediately taken with the little fellow and declared that we should adopt him. Dad, who was wearing a large manly jacket with many pockets up and down the front of it, scooped the happy little baby out of my arms and tucked him into one of the pockets on his chest. We were all gathering around and beaming as I awoke to the sound of Tobin calling out in a plaintive voice for a cough drop.

When I relayed the dream to Elizabeth this morning, she laughed and said that I should definitely blog it.

Tobin has a doctor’s appointment in a little while. He seems much better but we are concerned about a possible lingering ear infection. We have one car stuck over at the school that randomly wont start, all the regular household chores and a big CCA Arts Coffee House to attend tonight at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in downtown Harrisburg (image below). It should be lots of fun, and Jason Lewis is planning to bring his wife and four kids to meet Elizabeth, Nessa and Tobin for the first time. But our pace remains a little much, but God continues to line things up and open doors in comforting ways on multiple fronts.

Happily, Elizabeth is sleeping in nicely just now while the kids watch telephone company men trimming trees in our back yard (hanging from colorful ropes). Very exciting!

I hope the Poortenga poultry are thriving and that this note finds everyone enjoying healthy weekends.

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