Thank you all for your prayers over the past couple months (and years) regarding my job. I’m glad to share that I received a formal offer from Logos Academy in York to serve there as Academic Dean (overseeing students, teachers and curriculum from K to 10, going on 12) starting this summer. I’ve informed the leadership at CCA of this as well and it is a great weight off my shoulders to be through this period of investigation and weighting, moving into the process of transition and new beginnings.

Among several other things, I look forward to keeping up better with this family blog again!

Here’s a “poem” that Nessa wrote this past week:

‎”There are many rocky places in the short, short, short, short run. Many die from the snake that is in the mountain, but they go to heaven. But the people who finish, who are tattered and have boo boos, die too, and go to heaven.”

And here’s recent picture of Nessa’s (that many will have seen on facebook already). It is 5′ 7.75″ long and took a few days to make:

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