Orlando’s birthday party on Sunday was huge. I had no idea there would be so many people coming. I invited them but when no one said they were coming I just figured they were NOT coming, so I kept inviting other people hoping that at least someone would come to the party. We had a bouncie house for the kids, which they LOVED and I tried to make him a spider man cake. It was a pretty simple cake for me: red velvet (though the super expensive NATURAL red foodcoloring I bought totally flopped and it just looked chocolate) with a creamcheese bavarian creme between the layers and blue buttercream frosting.

Kevin dressed up like a pirate and led the kids on a treasure hunt, which treasure they found in the bathtub buried under balloons which were all the way up to the top of the shower curtain. I had a lot of fun preparing for the party but kind of wished I could have dissappeared during the actual party. Orlando had a good time though, a really good time, so that’s the important thing.

My mom came up for the weekend and also Sarah, Lance, Joshua, Marcus and Gus. Lance was having a week off of work, so the thing they did was to come up here. They left this morning, so the kids and I have spent the afternoon recooperating, and they helped me make a pizza for their supper.

Thank you all for the fun pictures and the rediculously funny video from the West Virginian Hake Family Dancers.  😀   We LOVED that!

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