Thelma and Harriet

[This is Elizabeth.] On Sunday, we brought home our little kitties. Nessa and Tobin, with some help, decided on Thelma and Harriet as the names for the two sisters. The names come from a children’s book, Catwings, by Ursula K. Le Guin. (There are also three sequels, making up the Catwings Collection.) Anyway, an alley cat gives birth to a litter of four, and all the kittens are mysteriously born with wings. The two female winged kittens are Thelma and Harriet.

Harriet has the pink collar. She is the extrovert. But Thelma also enjoys playing and being petted. They both love napping in the Calico Critters dollhouse.  🙂  They also like the cat tower that Joel made, and we ended up with while we were watching Eustace. (By the way, Joel & Katie, let us know whenever you’d like that back.) Anyway, so far they are very good about scratching their claws on the scratch post and not on the furniture or door frames. So far, Jesse’s allergies haven’t seemed bad. But he wasn’t feeling well last night or this morning. It seems more like a cold/sickness than allergies, but…

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