Hippity Happity Birthday to Isaac!!

Isaac, having you as my little brother has brought me more joy and delight than I can express!  Beginning right when you were a tiny baby, my first sibling that was younger enough that I could take care of.  I remember many times asking Mom if I could put you in that old snuggly carrier and take you out for a walk.  Then you were a painfully adorable little “Bumpy” toddling around in Taiwan, and I was so proud to show you off to the other kids.  I have very dear memories with you during the Rivendell years jumping on the trampoline, telling stories, hiking up to the corner of the creek to swim.  And then mysteriously you stopped being a little kid, and you suddenly knew more than I did about many things.  You would share prayer requests and have insights into Bible passages that are still impacting me now.  And you could fix electronics like magic.  You helped us buy our first laptop as a couple.  Years later, you mailed us a computer all the way in California when ours died!  I saw you turning into a wonderful man, leading groups at church, and going  off to college.  I could keep typing a long time, as more and more ways come to mind in which you have encouraged, helped, and loved us.  Throughout, I have treasured and enjoyed your fun company, your earnest sincerity, your tender heart, and the many other ways that you reflect Christ.

As I looked through our pictures this evening to put some on here, I realized that 90% of the pictures of I have of you, are you holding, reading to, and caring for the little ones in our extended family.  Thank you for how much you have loved and invested in all of their lives!

May God bless you richly in this new year!  We rejoice in all that God has done in your life, and look forward joyfully to seeing his beautiful story continue in you!




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