bee envy

[this is Eliz.]
Kevin & Jessica, that is so neat that you’re trying bees. That is one agricultural venture that I would be interested in, too, but will probably never try taking up. Another thing that my blogging hero, Soule Mama, has taken up recently. 🙂

Isaac & Hannah, thanks again for stopping by here last night. It was fun to see you! Though Jesse and I didn’t jump on you the entire visit or take out our most cherished treasures one by one to show you, we were just as glad as Tobin and Nessa. 🙂 Okay, well, Jesse did have you listen to the King Kong song… LOL

Thanks to the recent PA Farm Show, Nessa has reverted back to her horse phase. Her dog sledding phase had been going on for about 3 years. But she announced yesterday that she wants to be a jockey now. Dad, thanks for making the trip with Elsie and Elaina.

Tobin continues to think of his big cousin, Micah, as a sort of hero figure. He drew a picture yesterday of “mine and Micah’s house.” He is constantly talking about things that he and Micah are going to do, or wondering aloud if Micah likes everything from kiwi to scones to enchiladas (whatever we happen to be eating), or speculating aloud whether Micah knows how to take his own shower (like Nessa knows how to do) or tie his own shoe laces, etc.

Well, sea grapes. I had no idea. Think of all the things that exist that we aren’t aware of.

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