Rototilling for God

Home safely and missing all that time to sit around eating and talking. Thanks again to all for all that you did to make that wonderful time possible.

Today we rototilled a good sized chunk of yard for a garden next year. Nessa and Tobin enjoyed running back and forth over the fresh clumps of earth.

If anyone is interested in the greatest counterbalance to my own current theological direction (Christ as fulfillment and renewal of the human or Adamic offices), here is a new book (Living in God’s Two Kingdoms: A Biblical Vision for Christianity and Culture) by David VanDrunen that lays out a strong opposite position to my own. He teaches at Westminster West and a is a close friend of Josh and Zach. Their two kingdom theology says that Christ fulfilled (but did not in any way renew) the cultural mandate given to Adam. Because the job is done, nothing that we do outside of gospel preaching and formal worship will help to build or advance Christ’s kingdom. Christ is king over all things, but only church work advances His kingdom. Everything else that we do (outside of church) is just thankful obedience within arenas that are “temporary, provisional, and bound to pass away.”

Mom’s work on the unshakables reminds me of all this stuff. It seems to me that–because the permanent things always touch at the heart level and are all mixed up with our very nature and our daily conduct as image bearers of God–we cannot say that the Adamic covenant is over and done with to quite the extent that VanDrunen claims. This covenant is fulfilled by Christ that we might also become like Christ and carry it out in Christ.

There is no way of seeing exactly how our daily lives advance Christ’s kingdom in permanent ways, but I find it hard to extract from scripture the clean break that VanDrunen proposes between our sacred and our secular vocations. Nonetheless, I like many things about this two kingdom theology, and VanDrunen certainly makes many great points that deserve serious chewing. Here and here are two meaty and positive reviews that I’ve enjoyed so far.

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