Hi everyone. Hi dad :).This is Becky, and I’m happy to report that Kevin & I are still here and happy in Philly :).

So excited about little Lorena Rose!!! 🙂 I got to talk briefly to mom yesterday, glad that she can be there to take care of Micah & Talia while Katie’s in the hospital. I hope you’re home now, Katie? So happy that God worked it out so that mom is there this week and able to help and visit, instead of being there for Thanksgiving week when she would have missed Isaac and not been in on Lorena’s arrival.
How are things going with you, Kevin & Jessica? Have your friends arrived with your stuff? We are so glad you guys are finally in that house and not in upheaval and unknown anymore. Now for the moving-in and settling down work! 🙂
Kevin is upstairs working on the new laminate wood floor in the kitchen! 🙂 He also did an amazing job conquering and rearranging the plumbing in the tiny problem-bathroom on the second floor. I just finished vacuuming out his dirty truck and cleaning it a little. Our neighbor, Blue, was also out there doing his weekly wash-and-wax of his Mercedes Benz. People are always shining up their cars here. A little boy who lives in the house across from us, came home from school a few minutes ago and is outside shouting and banging on the front door, waiting until someone comes to let him in. This happens every weekday, and Kevin said one time he noted that the little guy was out there in the cold for 40 minutes, waiting!
It was really nice to see various family during Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun for me to see Kevin at the Farm, he fit in well and everyone was very welcoming…not that I thought they wouldn’t be, but I was happy to see how my husband was at home there :). We are excited about seeing more of you at Christmas! I think our plans are to be there Christmas Eve day and the whole weekend.
I’m going to start making dinner already now! I’m making homemade pizza and the dough has to rise for an extraordinarily long time. After that I should probably practice for choir this Sunday – we’re woefully behind, at least I am! 🙁 The home-made turkey soup you’re having in WV sounds wonderful! 🙂

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