This is Jessica, sitting on my new dining room floor!!!!! Kevin’s at work and the kids are sleeping. I’m sitting here alone, trying to digest the fact that this place is OURS. Feels pretty wierd! There’s no furniture, no blinds on the windows or anything, no cooking pots. There is a WHITE carpet. AAAH, not for long. ;( …our friends from the FL small group who are staying with us for a few weeks won’t arrive until Thursday morning VEEERY early (they’re driving in the night) with our stuff. It’s Sooooo veeery nice to be here after bouncing around for the past week/month. Our car was looking pretty bad, stuffed to the gills and we couldn’t find anything, almost not even the kids. I found a wireless connection to bum off of until we can get our own internet svc, which is really nice because it’s hard to shop for that sort of thing without one. We are thinking of the Poortengas and Mom with them. I’m off to my sleeping bag. 🙂

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