This week has been wonderful. Joel did spend quite a bit of time working on the bookshelf project and school work, and we are thankful for what he was able to accomplish on those fronts– and today he is able to work ahead a little bit in school. But he has also had a lot more time with the kids and I, and it has been so sweet. I can see both Talia and Micah thriving under his loving discipline and fun play. Micah in particular had been noticeably naughtier and fussier for a while before this week started, and Joel has spent some tough times battling with him, with very evident fruit. Joel and I have done a lot of reading aloud together, which has been fun. We finally started making headway in Pickwick again, have been enjoying it, and are getting fairly close to the end. We were able to make some good progress in getting business and stuff around the house into good shape. Such as having a lease on the apartment and car insurance again for the next six months, and lots of delicious, ready to eat turkey meat cut up in the fridge for easy meals when the baby comes. We enjoyed some nice family walks. I’m so glad we have this evening, and one more day with Joel home before he launches back into school schedule. So, God’s timing of not having the baby arrive this week, as I had pictured it, has allowed us to come out of this week feeling very refreshed. Having the excitement of Mom coming Monday night will help alot as Joel goes back to work. And of course there is still the unknown excitement of when the baby actually will come.

Mom’s trip is something else I am thankful for. We are really looking forward to our time with her. Thanks to Dad, Luke, Liesl, Elsie, and Elaina for their sacrifice for our benefit.

Micah’s current favorite song is Rejoice in the Lord Always. Singing it multiple times a day, and talking about it with the kids has been a good reminder to me! Micah on his own this morning, praying for his little friend Eva, said, “help her to have joy in You.” He usually always requests us to help him pray– and just repeats after us. And it was so neat to hear him launch into prayer himself, and that those were the words that he said. Talia’s prayer this morning was also neat. She said she wanted to thank God for “Daddy and Hazlenut.” In thanking God for Joel, she said, “Thankyou that he makes decisions that Mommy says are good.” 🙂 I guess you could take that a couple different ways, but it was very sweet and interesting that she prayed that. Talia is showing a very soft heart, very thoughtful about the things that we have told her. This morning she said to me that there was something that she thought about all the time, but was hard to say, and then told me with tears, “I know that loving God is very important, but I don’t feel like I do.” May God give us wisdom, and may He guard and guide their little hearts to Himself.

We want to be careful about guarding our kids’ hearts and confidences, and hesitated at posting this. In this instance, it seems harmless, and we wanted to share these little poignant glimpses into what we long for and work for in them. I guess that even choosing what to share on the blog (or by other means) is another point in which we need to continue asking God’s wisdom.

We’re very glad to hear of such rest and recovery of sanity and stability in the Harrisburg Hakes, and that the late Florida Hakes have such friends and a wonderful new home. We wish we could’ve been a part of the crazy good times with the Browns. We miss you all.

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