Crazy, fun time in Otego. We left last night at nine thirty or so, after Jerry black raspberry milkshakes. Got in about three thirty a.m. to a VERY COLD HOUSE (fifty, felt like thirty!). We slept awhile (most slept in the car last night) and now have two roaring fires and heaters on everywhere. The temp in the upstairs hall has come up to sixty, so we’re getting there!

Faye has a lot to do to get ready for Katie and Joel! Pray for her! I got a lot done in Otego, partly because I knew how busy Faye would be when we got back, and partly because we will miss her so much while she’s gone. I didn’t want to go into this week with no wife and way behind.

Nessa, I love that pilgrim picture–so cool! I like the Dad tipping his tall hat!

Kevin and Jessica’s friends from their small group are actually going to pack and move all their stuff and come help them for two weeks to settle in. Wow! That’s koinonia in action!

Pray for Faye and us these days! She’ll be sorely missed!

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